Select Page, a citizen journalism website has secured $10.6 million in funding. This is proof that citizen journalism is now gaining acceptance as a valid media source.

Nowpublic has 100,000 journalists / bloggers of which many of them are unpaid. Some income is being shared with the journalists when stories are on-sold to other news bureaus. For exmample, this years hurricane storm season is being covered by Nowpublic.


Brody, from Nowpublic states “There’s a need for an army of people everywhere seeing, hearing, and reporting everything that’s going on–like a next-generation Reuters. We realized that the breaking news component would increasingly move away from traditional news organizations, so we’ve set up the technology and we’re fostering the community that allows people to break and interact with the news personally.”

Perspective: It’s not only in the US where Citizen Journalism is taking off. Here in Australia PerthNorg is a great example of how consumer generated news content is added, ranked and edited by readers.