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Earlier this year, Doritos let consumers make commercials for the brand and then aired two, unedited, during Super Bowl XL in February. Here’s the winning Ad if you are interested.

Now they have followed this up with a flavour vote . .allowing consumers to decide which of 2 new flavours (Doritos Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ or Doritos Wild White Nacho) will survive as an ongoing flavour.


The contest will go until May 25 at

Perspective: The site is very flash, although quite slow to load. Not so good if you don’t live in America .. as you are forced to enter a US state when registering. Apart from that, the Superbowl Consumer Generated Ads are there on display as well as a few nice games that allow some interaction with the brand. I’d still like to see a “Consumer Generated Flavour” promotion .. or perhaps a name the new flavour contest rather than a simple 2 flavour vote. However .. it’s great to see a brand opening up some of it’s fate to consumers !