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Consumer Generated Content continues to rise and my prediction is that 2007 will finally see the big brands come out with regular campaigns to engage consumers and in the process allowing consumers to have greater control over the brand message.

One of the big ways this will happen is with Consumer Generated Mixing.
This is where Videos, Pictures and Music is made available to consumers, as well as the tools to Mix the content into a Consumer Generated Mix or Mashup. This is a key step, as it suddenly brings campaigns within reach of anyone with internet access, rather than restricting mashups to knowledgeable video editors.

Some of the online mixing tools include :-
Cuts allows consumers to bring a video, make a cut and then share the cut with other people.
Jumpcut is probably a little more advanced, but also invites consumers to make stuff, edit and share.
Photobucket has just announced a tool that utilises Adobe’s web-based video remix and editing technology

Techcrunch has a more detailed post on the major players in this space.

So now to the brand promotional campaigns using some of these tools ?
Lumines II for the PSP game
Congress in 30 seconds
Nike Soccer

Perspective: Watch this space, as I predict you will see a wave of them in the coming months.