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I am in the market for a new tv.

Like most people online, I am using a variety of information sources to help me with my decision.
Cnet, lcdbuyingguide, Plasmabuyingguide etc are 3 good sources which not only contain professional review, but also include helpful consumer reviews.

One of the frustrations of living in Australia is that many electronics suppliers don’t ship their latest models here until 6 months after they are released. However, I was keen for a true HD resolution television and the process for me has led me to the Sony KDL-46XBR2


Launched recently on the US Sony site, it was exactly what I was after.

Excited I quickly emailed the Sony Australia contact us page with a request for when this tv is coming to Australia. The response was timely, but dissapointing. I received an email that simply said, we don’t know when that model will be released. Having worked for large multinationals before I figured that someone in Sony must have a plan somewhere that would advise when this model would be released.

I tried calling the Sony contact us number in Australia and this time I asked if I could be put onto a waiting list for this television. Again I was dissapointed as the response was, “Sorry sir, we do not know when this model will come to Australia”. It is also interesting that Sony’s call centre didn’t even want to capture my details to give themselves a chance of advising me when the model is arriving. Perhaps the call centre doesn’t know all things, but I would have used the opportunity to capture some of my details and my electronic requirements.

If you are listening Sony, it might be worth creating an early adopter program where new products are rolled out. This would increase your changes of ensuring that the many people who are influenced by what is being said online, consider Sony as an option.

Perspective: As more and more conversations move online, companies should using every opportunity to identify lead users of products and then giving them a product experience that is so good, that they can’t help but tell their friends about.