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Genius Rocket, is a community designed to allow companies with Creative needs to connect with Creative resources, who submit creative entries which are then scored by the members of the Genius Rocket community.

The concept is valid, but whether the site is successful will depend on the quality of creative talent it can recruit, and then whether it has enough “assignments” to allow this community to be rewarded. I suspect agencies and perhaps small businesses will be the main users of this site seeking cost effective creative input.

Perspective: Crowd Sourcing is a topic that i am convinced will grow. It’s also interesting to watch the various implementations of how sites like Genius Rocket execute this. So far, they seem to have implemented a rather simple rating system which allows the community to rate various entries. I think these systems are prone to abuse until you get a large critical mass of people are active. Otherwise, the submissions who have the ability to call for votes from their friends will bubble to the top. I think with Creativity, you ideally have a process where people can collaborate and build on the best ideas.