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Shankar Gupta over at Mediapost, writes this article about Microsofts plans to use it’s AdCenter to support it’s online office suite.

Industry expert Jim Spaeth, a partner at Sequent Partners, said Microsoft’s move shows that the company intends to monetize users’ desktops. “Just as television has been the dominant, ‘must have’ medium for reaching consumers in the home and radio the equivalent for the car, the computer is the key channel in the workplace,” he said. “Microsoft’s recent announcement signals their intent to monetize the media potential of this channel which they alone dominate.”

Microsoft already has it’s site in Beta which perhaps describes a look/feel of what might be coming for an online office suite.

The key challenge for these initiatives is to provide relevance in the ads. I don’t want my Office Paperclip to start selling me a new line of toothpaste!