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Jack Trout makes some great points in this article about new marketing.

Jack describes 2 poor attempts at new marketing

Walt Disney. To promote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last spring, Touchstone Pictures set up blogs on for the movie’s main characters. Users could subscribe to read postings and add their own. Nice try, but it was a lousy movie that didn’t do well at the box office despite the Internet.

Target Stores. The retailer sponsored a group on that features 15-year-old professional snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White. Users can watch a video of him (with a Target logo on his helmet), discuss his exploits, or they can click on the “Shop” button. Nice try, but how many 15-year-olds go to Target to shop? And if they do, they won’t find the popular Quiksilver board clothing, which is sold only in specialty stores.

See my previous post for my experience with purchasing a surfboard for some ideas.

2006 is certainly going to produce lots of attempts, and that’s how experience is gained.

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