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Seth Godin has launched this new venture, called Squidoo.

Kevin Newcomb from Clickz cleverly writes ..

What do you get when you cross, Wikipedia, blogs and social networks? If you’re author and online marketing guru Seth Godin, the answer is Squidoo — a new company he launched to host Web pages written by experts in various topics

These pages, which he calls lenses, aim to highlight one person’s view of a topic and hopefully distill the information into the perfect starting point for researching a given topic. An ideal lens will provide a searcher with the “big picture” on the subject, with annotated links to the most relevant sites on the topic — similar to the guidance a trusted librarian would offer.

It does make sense, and the time is right now that we have an abundance of Consumer Generated Media in the form of Blogs, Forums etc … that somekind of Consumer Qualified Search is now becoming possible. Afterall, everyone is an expert about something !

Read Seth’s excellent explanation of Lenses here

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