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As a follow up to it’s successful Consumer Generated Ad competition that Doritos ran for the US Superbowl (Crash the Superbowl), it is now asking for XBOX game ideas that reflect the Doritos brand. 5 finalists will have prototypes of their game ideas produced by Microsoft and they will be showcased on the website. The direct link is


An example idea from the site is called Hoopdreams .. and is described on the site as …

Hoop Dreamz is about a young male trying to make it to the NBA. He has the choice of becoming a NBA hoop star or a Street ball King. He is torn in between his friends advice to stay out in the streets or take the advice of people in high places. This game gives you the choice to complete the street ball king version or the NBA version but, with each version comes a string of hardships and obstacles you have to overcome. It even lets you create your own wardrobe shoes and all. In both versions with each game you win you earn respect and win money. With money you can buy a new wardrobe given the choice of footlocker or finish line. You can even create more new shoes….and when your respect reaches its high point you can unlock different items . In this game other players can challenge you whether it be a dunking contest or a 3 point shootout. Each version has a different ending so to find out you’ll have to allow me to create the game.

You can view the list of gameideas here. 1650 games ideas have been submitted so far. Cleverly, Doritos has provided images for game idea developers to use.

Developers will then work with the eventual winner to build a full version of their game idea.

Perspective: It’s great to see everyday food brands releasing some control over their branding communication and allowing consumers to take the lead on this. Video games are also an increasingly important advertising channel for a generation that is turning their attention away from TV in favour of the internet social networks, gaming and mobile phones.