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In the UK, confectionery maker Cadbury has just launched a talent contest based on podcasting. Positioned to discovering new talent from singers, writers, poets, and/or comics, as long as the talent is pitched in audio format. Judges will select the best weekly submissions and host Kate Thornton will showcase them in a weekly podcast.


Listeners are then able to vote for the best talent. The overall winner get’s an appointment with one of the heavy hitter recording producers. The contest is called the Cadbury Creme Egg My Way Podcast.

Perspective. The “My Way” name is suppose to link to “Eatting the egg my way”, but for some reason this doesn’t work for me. It is great to see a major brand embracing podcasting as a new medium and compared to a radio promotion, they will be able to accurately measure the number of listeners. Presumably, Cadbury will try to drive traffic to this site via “point of sale” material. Whether Cadbury will offer chocolate prizes to each of the entries, or random prizes to the consumers who bother to vote, remains to be seen. Nor is it clear whether the weekly podcast will include specific Cadbury advertising. However, at least they are having a go and I am sure this promotion will provide some great learnings for the confectionery giant, and I look forward to future evolutions of this type of marketing.

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