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Social networks continue to gain in popularity, and it’s no surprise that niche social networks have started to emerge.

Take Geni .. the social network aimed at family relatives. It has an extremely nice family tree interface, which lets you add in your relatives. Pretty soon, those relatives add their relatives .. and the tree grows. My tree started with about 10 people and within 2 weeks now has nearly 100 entries. (only the first 10 were added by me).

Geni also is a great place for storing family photo albums. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to embed photos from Photobucket or Flickr, so for now at least people will have to upload photos to Geni. And Geni is well funded recently raising 100 million in investment.

Perspective: I’d like to see some of the face recognition features of Riya ( built into to the tool. Nevertheless, as someone who lives away from most of my relatives, this is a great online tool to stay in touch with latest photos, and also provides the perfect tool for the inevitable family tree kids assignments.

Update: Video review of Geni from Technology Evangelist.