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I still recall presenting the Facebook Australian population at 4.3 million around the middle of 2008.aust-facebook-stats-may2009

It’s now surpassed 5 million which means that more than 1 in 3 of Australia’s online population is on Facebook.

This is quite compelling, and its not wonder that brands and organisations are starting to allocate marketing spend to reaching this audience.

The challenge of course is that social networks don’t respond well to interruption marketing.

Social Media Marketing is growing as a niche form of marketing and whilst it’s still quite a new service,  it’s pleasing to see increasing demand as well as a willingness to embrace the changing communication protocols that social media requires.

Facebook stats from Checkfacebook

Here’s the Facebook population of the top 10 countries

1. United States 60,271,820
2. United Kingdom 17,983,160
3. Canada 11,352,400
4. Turkey 9,493,840
5. Italy 9,386,960
6. France 9,360,720
7. Australia 5,489,240
8. Colombia 4,605,260
9. Chile 4,558,560
10. Spain 4,478,380