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Tutorom is an e-learning community that has created a marketplace for students and teachers.

Anyone can submit lessons to the site and content ranges from computer lessons, cooking to languages. Lessons can be submitted as text, or even video files. Premium users (paid) get access to premium lessons without ads. Teachers of lessons, can either charge or earn 10% of ad revenue by becoming a registered member as well.

Some social media tools are present with the ability to rate courses 5-star scale.
Tutorom tracks every lesson you look at and gives you a report on how many times it’s been viewed.


Perspective: The success of this site will depend on reaching critical mass of courses, but it’s great to see sites like this connecting people together in a kind of global training ground. What I think would be interesting in linking relevant ads to the courses being offered. E.g. cooking ingredients with the cooking lessons, French holidays with French lessons etc.