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Blyk has just gone live in the UK and offers 217 mins free texts each month plus 43 mins of talk time. If you exceed the free amount you pay 10p/text and 15p/minute.

In return users are sent up to 6 MMS messages per day which are customised to their profile.


Blyk is invite only, either by responding to an ad, or requesting one from the website. Once in you can invite your friends.
To apply you must be between 16-24, live in Britain, have a MMS capable phone, and have an invite code.
There are plans for Blyk to rollout across Europe.

Doing a quick calculation means that in return for about 28 pounds worth of free calls and text, consumers will be sent up to 180 MMS messages. That works out at about 15p per message.

Perspective: Blyk is an interesting model and one which is sure to get lots of attention from consumers (both users and their parents) as well as marketeers who will enjoy the opportunity to target directly to a demographic that getting harder and harder to reach.