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From time to time we come across websites which we think fit into the category of “Frontiering”, sometimes because they are utilising new technologies, othertimes they fit the product they are promoting.

Nokia has recently launched a promotional site for the CK-20W gps and music car kit, called The Passenger. Here you get to drive around the streets of Paris, James Bond style and as you do the product’s GPS, phone, and music abilities are demonstrated. “The Passenger” shows real streets, and you do get the feeling of driving through the back streets of Paris. The production of the site is excellent!

The driving footage was shot with a car-mounted camera in all the streets of the Ile de St. Louis over 3 nights in November 2006, with additional scenes filmed at the Tour Eiffel, the Arc de Triomphe and the Heliport de Paris. This innovative video driving experience will be hosted at from February 2007

‘The Passenger’ concept has been developed in conjunction with digital strategy agency Hyper Happen, working with Fuel Industries & Karbon Arc on the game engine build and video production.


Perspective: My only criticism would be that there is no “call to action” allowing the experience to end in the purchase of the product. I am in the market for a handsfree mobile, and found myself wanting the benefits of the GPS and music functions. However, this site is a great example of how the web can be an engaging medium to demonstrate a product and educate consumers on it’s use .. and is sure to help sell the product in the process.