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Most of us can appreciate the problem of organising information related to a project, activity and then sharing updates on tasks, and associated information with other trused members of a team.

Basecamp was perhaps the first known web 2.0 application to attack this problem and provides a very professional web based project management solution.
Joyent is another web 2.0 collaboration tool, with integrated tagging.

But what I want to cover today is Foldera which only just came out of stealth mode into Beta about 2 weeks ago, Note: you still have to queue up for an invite, but this creates something of an “in-club” and adds to the excitement when your email invite finally comes through! And although I am still waiting, I can definately see what all the buzz is about, as Foldera does seem to have done their homework.

Foldera is the new way to:
Communicate with others in context
Secure your vital information instantly
Access and Manage your applications, teams, activities and information from wherever you are
Notify everyone at the same time when something changes
Share, Organize, and Archive your projects and information
Personalize your Foldera experience to match the way you work.
Save time and Simplify your life

See Techcrunch for screen shots. Foldera really does seem to provide a solution for groups wanting to stay organised by dynamically keeping your project folders current. They seemed to have cleverly covered most forms of online collaboration and allow up to 250 meg of data storage. Presumably they will offer a premium service for higher end users under a fee based structure and it could be a definate alternative to Microsoft’s Office Live.

It’s certainly a big idea, but what is amazing is that they have had 1 million signups. No television ads, a great example of how word of mouth can spread quickly when a few influencial bloggers write about your story!