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Hoohaa is a new business that promises to provide relevant offers and promotions to your mobile phone via Text messages. The business model is similar to what other companies such as Emailcash and Pureprofile, have been doing with email offers.

I spoke to Hoohaa’s CEO James Robinson this week and he spoke about the types of offers that will be coming to Hoohaa’s members. These could include last minute tickets to the opera, free pizza, exclusive tickets to see a band, and cheap plane tickets from your location. These are all tailored to your profile. This provides a unique advertising opportunity particularly for time dependent products and services.


Perspective: The timing of this service appears to be right with mobile commerce starting to grow. The main challenge for Hoohaa will be whether they can attract a critical mass of members quickly. They will also have to overcome concerns of being spammed with irrelevant messages. James assured me that members would not receive more than about 4 or 5 messages a week, and that they can unsubscribe at any time.