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Reading Ian McKee’s The Power of Influence blog about Using New Marketing to Prove New Marketing I decided to read and express interest in this fascinating initiative. Basically, Joseph has offered to give a free copy of his book to “Blogger Evangelists” in return for a reviewing the book.

Joseph Jaffe, who writes the Jaffe Juice blog, wrote to me last night accepting my offer to write a review of his book, “Life after the 30-second spot“. Judging from Joseph’s blog, I am sure the book will be educational and entertaining, but I will write an honest review on Frontiering Talk in a few weeks after I have read the book.

What I wanted to highlight today, was my interest in the effect this initiative will have on the sales of his book. Judging by the 80 or so requests that have been made in response to this initiative since his article on Nov 8th, I think it will be a great success. 60 highly influencial people writing reviews which are read by 1000’s of readers. Word of Mouth Marketing (or in this case “Word of Pen”) should make a big impact!

I wish Joseph well with this initiative.