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Linking their products around the “House to Home” principle, Ikea is running a campaign that is asking Americans to upload photos in what Ikea refers as the worlds biggest photo collaboration.

The America at Home competition runs for only a week from Sept 17-23 and will feature 100 of Americas best photographers, as well as everyday consumers. At the end of the campaign, a selection of photos will be used to create a book that becomes a time capsule of American homes.


Perspective: The site includes the Google Maps application, so you can view the images by location, and the daily assignments are a useful tool to provide some structure to the photo topics. Whilst the site is well laid out, I couldn’t help thinking that the link to the Ikea brand is far too soft. Why didn’t Ikea get real consumers to take photos of themselves enjoying the Ikea furniture and then use these photos for their next catalogue?

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