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P&G is launching a influencer site aimed at Mum’s.

The site promises early access to products and samples and the ability to tell big companies what your think of these samples.
In exchange for receiving these early product samples, usuage information and other discounts, mothers will be asked to share their opinions, fill out surveys, and participate in new product trials.

P&G previously launched the Tremor site, which is aimed at selecting and then marketing to influencial teens.

In times where it is more and more difficult to communicate new products due mostly to the clutter of mediums, this is a great initiative that is sure to provide great consumer insight to P&G about the potential of their new products and also identify needs stakes for future products.

Experiencial Marketing defined by the CMO magazine as

(A type of marketing that attempts to evoke a strong emotional response, often by the use of sensory techniques, to create an affinity between a product and a potential buyer. Used by companies such as Apple Computer to create an aesthetically driven consumer purchase.)

or Marketing a “Product Experience”, is one of the key factors in generating “word of mouth”.