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Most of you would have heard of the “Will it Blend” videos, that do a fantastic job of promoting the Blendtec blender.

Today, I came across an interesting cross promotion featuring the founder and star of Will it Blend, Tom Dickson and one of the Ford Fiesta Movement agents, Ryan Dembroski.


 The Ford Fiesta Movement has been one of the pioneering social media PR programs, which had over 4,000 people apply to become one of 100 agents.  The successful agents were all given a new Fiesta for six months, and are expected to record and share their experiences with the car.

Tapping into one of online hero’s of the social media, Blendtec’s Tom Dickson makes good sense.  The script for the video lacks originality, and uses what’s lying around in Ryan’s car as ingredients for a “Blended Drink”. 

Ryan should still get a decent amount of coverage for this exercise, and may even create a series of videos involving a range of internet personalities.