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Jetblue CEO uses Youtube

Jetblue CEO, David Neeleman has posted a YouTube video, to reach out to customers promising better times ahead. The video has been seen over 25,000 times at time of writing.

Here’s a few of the comments

Dear Mr. Neeleman,
Kudos! There aren’t many CEO’s out there that would take the time to post a genuine apology. This shows how much you truly care about Customers and Crewmembers.

David,indeed you are brave man; facing reality & honesty by communicating directly with your customers. Jetblue is a great company. I am a PM myself, and when situations of this nature occur, I can distinguish the fact that you need sharp and well trained operational/conflict resolution PM’s on the bridge and on the floor. It’s worth the investment; only one more fiasco + your recoup will be costly & difficult. Keep it up, & make a big Jetblue.

Perspective: This is a good example of a semi-unscripted video that appeals because it comes over as a real attempt to engage consumers. Not all the comments are positive .. but at least David has opened up a dialogue to his consumers .. Well Done!

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