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Here’s a great story about a band who was practicing some dance steps in the backyard for a Video they were making for a song. Now you can’t watch yourself backwards, so they mounted a camera to film themselves so they could make sure they had it right.

One of their girlfriends thought the video was so great and she begged them to release it as their official video instead of the “real” professional video that they had been practicing for. The band laughed at her. Not to be deterred, she posted the video online and emailed a couple of friends to get a second opinion.

Two point five million downloads later …. Full story here thanks to Marketingsherpa. The video clip is here.

I think the message here is that people want to see real people saying real things, telling stories, or dancing or singing. And you know what? consumers want to see the real product and interact with stories about real people using the product in real life … Hopefully advertising is starting to understand this.