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Knock Knock Google

This is a story which reminds me a little of One Red Paper Clip, which i covered last year.

Aaron Stanton had an idea, and he figured he would pitch the idea to Google. However, his attempts to contact Google via using their web’s contact us, email and phone didn’t work. So Aaron booked a plane ticket and flew to Google. His plan was simple, sit outside Google for several days, until someone at Google would agree to meet him, using this website to write a journal of his adventure.

He reportedly got the meeting, and you can check out for details.

Perspective: Marketing yourself is not unlike marketing a product .. you need to stand out. I heard a similar story of a person wanting to get a job, and he sat in the lobby handing out business cards to everyone entering the building. The cards said something like “My name is Fred, and i want to work for company x.” He finally got an interview and ended up working for company x. The moral of the story is in a world of clutter . you need to stand out, or as Seth Godin calls it .. to be a purple cow.

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