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Life Ideas Future Together .. (LIFT) conference was on this week in Geneva.

I wish I could have made it to this conference as it is all about taking about new ideas and using them to solve future problems.

Here’s the synopsis of the conference

The conference will focus on 5 broad themes: internet, design, humanitarian work, emerging technologies and big ideas.

Speakers included

– Robert Scoble, the man who is changing the Microsoft’s corporate culture via his blog (Scobleizer) will speak about how blogs can become powerful tools for corporate communication.

– Matt Jones, Concept Development Manager in Nokia’s Insight and Foresight team, will talk about his work researching future mobile device user experiences.

– David Galipeau, UNAIDS, will share his vision of how new technologies will radically improve how this UN agency coordinates global action against the AIDS epidemic.

– Chris Lawer, founder of The OMC Group and PhD researcher, will talk about Co-creation, or how companies will be obliged to create with their customers since the Internet will give a voice to each one of them, whether the companies agree or not.

– Hugh Mac Leod, a leading European specialist in alternative marketing with background in traditional publicity, is now interested in how to use the Internet and blogs to get\ messages out.

Thanks to, you can watch many of the conference presentations. Worth viewing are Robert Scoble’s and Hugh MacLeod’s, who provide excellent content on disruptive marketing. Whilst they aren’t the best speakers that I have heard, it’s good to get a little closer to the personalities behind 2 of the worlds most successful blogs, Gaping Void and Scobleizer respectively.