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As consumers are less and less likely to be influenced by the 30 second standard television advertising format, due to a combination of reasons such as DVR (digital video recorders) and TiVo devices, one thing that is likely to get stronger in 2006 is the Long Format Ad.


Ads such as the Honda Cog ad ran for a whole 2 mins, (although it also ran as a 30 second version).

As Branded Entertainment becomes more and more accessible and sharable, one wonders whether Brands will be like a Dog chasing a car .. “what do you do when you catch it?”

Hence, Brands should be thinking about what to do when they get a relevant audiences attention. For instance, the “Making of Honda Cog” or “Honda Cog – inventory of car parts” would appeal to certain audiences. Perhaps even selling smaller kits that would enable Honda fans to re-create a sequence themselves.

Do your agencies have a long story to tell?