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Interestingly, but hardly surprising in today’s fully connected world is a recent study by Kia Motors that points to major lifetime decisions are being made in the car, according to Gizmo.

Decisions such as moving house (%43), marriage (%23), where to vacation (%64), having kids (12%), getting a pet (24%), even getting divorced (7%), the survey are being made in the front seat of the car.

Driving a car is the one place many people are forced to switch off from their computers, phones, and other connected devices – which leads to these interesting social statistics.

Perspective: I suspect today’s connected world is created a polarised niche for major decisions. One the one hand people are migrating to the car, or to the hills, and on the other hand, people are influenced by the online social media chanels. One wonders how many decisions are being made on Social networks such as Myspace and Facebook?