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Nike has created a clever mashup using Google maps called Run London. As part of the site, communal running routes are used to help runners know other runners routes.

Searches can be done by postcode, run length or gradients such as “Flat as Holland”. Save your routes, send them to friends and of course run them !

It’s a great example of a value added branded site, that serves a purpose as well as linking the brand (nike) to the sport (running) … that will keep running consumers coming back again and again! One wonders how long it will be before other companies pick up on this trend.

Need Some Examples?
How about Petfood companies could do something similar to highlight city dog friendly walking tracks!
Outdoor camping manufacturers to display the best hiking trails (like this example on the Ning site).
Christmas Lighting companies could sponsor and provide maps of the best Christmas lights to either walk or drive past
4WD car makers could sponsor the best 4WD driving routes.
Movie or TV productions could produce maps of important places one set (e.g. the Sopranos)

Update: how about this Mashup of Jack’s movements in the hit series 24.

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