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Here are some stats which show just how much reach some of the new media video sites have.

ClipShack: 2.200 daily users (source: AdBright)
Google Video: 12,5 million monthly users (source: Washington Post)
Grouper: 3-8 million monthly users (source: PR News and Alexa) and 500.000 registered users (source: Alexa)
Ourmedia: 28.000 daily users (source: AdBright).
Vidiac: 2 million streaming videos daily and 3 million monthly usres (source: Silicon Beat)
Vimeo: 20.000 daily users (source: USA Today) and 50.000 registered users (source: Vimeo)
YouTube: 50.000 uploads daily and 6 million daily users requesting 50 million streaming videos per day (source: YouTube).

via Marketing Facts

Perspective: Do you regularly check these sites for videos relating to your category?

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