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I have always been a big fan of Lego. They have usually been ahead of the pack when it comes to innvotion, brand licensing and the like.

So it was no surprise when i discovered that Lego have created this design application that allows you to design your very own custom Lego design. My son who is 8 loves the free application, and has putting his imagination to work over the last week. And Lego get to tap into it !

Here’s a design created by a 13 year old.


The best designs can be seen here. And their designs will become real Lego products !

I think more companies should consider “Open Source Innovation”, as it involves the passionate consumers that exist, increasing their advocacy for brands, as well as ensuring that new innovations are captured before your competitors. And with tools available today, you can even get your consumers to review and select the winning designs.

How can you start some Open Source Innovation with your brand?