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Here’s another great example of ORSIM (Open-source, Research, Shaper-lead, Innovation and Marketing), this time focused on how to present an existing product, the Chevrolet Aveo to young buyers.

GM asked for volunteers from the Public Relations Student Society of America in order to tap into what would appeal to young buyers. Not only were these volunteers in the target audience for the car, but for many it was a chance to demonstrate some of the learnings from their studies.

Here are some of the suggestions
1. Promote the Aveo on college Web sites like and, which are the “grapevine” of news for college students today.
2. Rather than focus on well-worn college campus activities, such as campus test drives and T-shirt giveaways, create a summer road trip for the Aveo, with stops at venues such as theme parks and concerts. Local media should be contacted for each tour stop to help publicise the tour, and a lucky local would be selected to drive the Aveo from one stop to the next. The trip, as well as the personal items, would be featured on the Internet, along with travelogue videos. In the end, one of the drivers would win the Aveo in a “See It, Drive It, Win It” campaign.
3. Describing the Aveo as a “small car with a big personality,” one group suggested a “Why I Have the Biggest Personality” contest, which would allow young participants to send in homemade videos to compete for an Aveo.
4. The thinking of the winning group was “the car is as unique as you are,”. Personalisation options would be provided via an Aveo Web site, to customise their dream Aveo, and tell friends to take a look.

Consumers are getting smarter, and Advertising / PR is not longer the domain of the big agencies. I applaud this initiative, and would recommend that GM should work with the winning entries to involve them on the execution of the idea.

When was the last time you involved young people in the marketing of a product that is positioned for the younger audience?

Via Detroit News