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The world of Henry Fords “You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s black” is rapidly ending. Customisation and personalised products are becoming increasingly popular and the price premium seems to be reducing as the demand grows

Some examples?
Japanese stickers
The Japanese fad of getting 16 or so stickers printed out from a photo booth, is a popular way of personalising books, computers and other possessions.

Mobile phone and MP3 player accessories
Companies like Skin it have a dedicated business here where you can select a skin or even upload your own photos which they will produce as a sticker customised for your type of phone or MP3 player.

M&MBut larger companies are also realising the potential of personalisation such as M&M’s in the US now allow you to personalise messages and chose colours of M&M’s for special occasions.

The thing I love about personalisation is that it very easily translates into a talking point.
Talking points are then avenues for consumers to market products to other consumers ! You know the conversations .. “I want one of those,where did you get that?”.

What products do you produce, is there a clever way to offer some kind of personalisation that would generate a flow of buzz as excited consumers tell their friends?

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