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Having purchased a suit that was tailor made for me several years ago in Hong Kong, I have often wondered about how you could take the personalisation model online.

Zafu .. sells designer jeans, and after answering a few basic questions .. they will recommend the right ones for your shape, with a description of why.


How this jean fits YOU
Waist Very good Fit. Sits just below the waist, the waistband has the flexibility to hold you without tightness or gaping.
Hip &
thigh Great fit. Regular fit through hip and a slim fit through thigh in a high stretch denim that keeps it sleek but not tight. Leg shape feels great with ease through the knee.
Seat Very good fit. There’s plenty of coverage, and the jean hugs your butt to highlight your curves giving you an instant lift.

Myshape with a focus on woman who spend more than $1000 / year on clothes uses a special tool called Shapematch to determine your shape .. and therefore filter the store accordingly. It seems there are 7 different body shapes .. one wonders if there are a similar number of male shapes out there?

We blogged a few years ago about d Blowfly.. the Australian company that allows customised beer and now wine and water labels.

Perspective: I think this trend is only just begining. Think of customised food based on dietary requirements, customised perfood specially made for my dog, customised car styling, latptops etc etc.

via Springwise