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Flickr, now owned by Yahoo is probably the worlds leading photo sharing site. One of the frustrations of creating an online album, is the hassle of having to get pictures from your camera or camera phone to your pc, and then uploading them to flickr.

If you have one of these handsets, the problem is solved by a cool application called ShoZo. ShoZo handles the sending of your images, text or video and cleverly is able to continue the upload should the connection ever drop out.
ShoZo recently was a winner in the GSM Association 2006 awards.

Auto-tagging and geo-locations is a feature that is coming soon, and I am sure this will only increase the popularity of photo sharing services like Flickr or Webshots.

New Marketing perspectives? This frontiering technology could easily be used to facilitate entries to competitions such as “send in a photo of you enjoying our product”. A phone manufacturer / Flickr joint promotion .. What better way to demonstrate camera phone features, than to deliver this application with the phone encouraging people to create a Flickr account, which in turn would generate a degree of word of mouth buzz (a real product experience worth talking and showing other people).

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