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MasterCard is capitalising on the continued rise of Consumer Generated Content extending it’s successful Priceless tagline with a new campaign which encourages consumers to help write the script.

2 commercials Sailboat and Typewriter will show items but instead of quoting the prices of the varous items the ad says “Blank $100”, consumers will be directed to where they can fill in the “blanks” using their own words for the “Write a Pricessless Ad Contest”

The winning entry will have their words added back in, and the ad aired again in the 3rd Quarter of 2006.

While I think consumers would be quite capable of creating an entire “priceless ad”, MasterCard is essentially using TV to help communicate the competition. I think it’s great to see big brands engaging consumers in creative ways, but one wonders how much more cost effective the campaign could have been if seeded only into the Blog-o-sphere.

via Adrants