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This is a great story about an African teenager who managed to build his own windmill to provide light to his small hut.
Thanks to the internet, he even wrote a blog about it.


William built this windmill 4 years ago, and has since refined the design to enhance the design and the efficiency.
According to William here are the costs of his first version ..
500 Kwacha (Malawian currency) or $2.75 (US $1=145 Kwacha) for two bearings.
500 Kwacha for a bicycle dynamo (the kind that powers a bike’s light when you ride the bike.)
400 Kwacha for a fan belt
800 Kwacha for a bicycle frame
The inspiration of this story as it is shared across the world … Priceless !

Watch William’s video here

Perspective: It’s great to read William’s blog, and this is a great example of “cause marketing”, and William is now an evangelist helping to inspire people all over the world. Companies like World Vision have been using stories like this to aid their fund-raising mainly via Direct Mail initiatives and TVCs, but what I really liked about this story, was the way this story is personally told by William right from when William first logged onto the internet and did a search for “windmills”.