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It seems that scrap booking is becoming more popular with stores popping up in many suburbs. Therefore it’s hardly surprising to see an online scrapbooking product appear .. and this one is surprisingly good and easy to use.

It’s called Scrapblog, and it allows you to add pictures, videos, to many scrapbooking templates to create an online scrapbook .. or blog.

I thought i would try it out for Mother’s day .. and here’s the result.
Ok .. scrapbooking isn’t a passion of mine .. so here’s one that has a lot more pages and formats to give you a better idea.


Perspective: I think this is a great product, and the social networking features, as well as the way this product integrates with other social media products like flickr will be a successful formula. I also think companies could use this type of tool to record events, product displays, or even provide opportunities to enhance internal hr profiles.

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