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Blinkbox is a new site that allows you to customise video clips from your favourite movie, TV show or viral.
You can chose from a range of videos, and then insert your own text which runs on the start of the output video mashup.

The resulting video mashup can be inserted into your website, or you can email the link to your friends.

Blinkbox has contracts with several content producers, which gives them quite a large selection of clips.
The site hopes to monetize this by linking any blinks allowing viewers to rent or purchase the movie or TV show.


Perspective: This is an interesting idea, and linking the success of the site to renting or purchase of the videos will certainly keep the content owners happy. Blinkbox has also chosen to allow a simple mashup of adding text as a pre-roll option. As video editing software becomes easier to use and more available, I think they will need to expand this offering. I also think that Blinkbox should expand their reach by integrating their tool as a Facebook application.