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Officially launched yesterday, Stickem is a service that allows users to easily load video, audio, and images, and then provides additional tools to easily post these files to a website with a code snippet.


Positioned as a kind of an “add-on” to community sites like Myspace, Xanga, and Livejournal, Stickem is positioned as a place to store your multimedia files, and the tool to “stick’em” on your site.

Flickr, who this week passed 100 million photos, already lets you add images to your site by pasting a code snippet, as does Vidilife for videos. The new feature that Stickem is trying to be a one stop shop for sharing multimedia files to websites and also includes the ability to add a snippet of live video to your site. Most of the webcams displaying under the Whose Live link are people working on computers either at home or at work.

I think this tool is interesting and will appeal to the youth of today, and if it takes off, I would expect to see a response from the big Instant Messaging tools like Yahoo, MSN messenger by incorporating the ability to broadcast webcams to web pages as part of their community groups features.