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Now that email is so mainstream, a hand written note can have a kind of extra special feel to it. Part of the reason hand written notes can be special, is that it takes so much more time to write them (if you can touch type), and then you have to address them, and post them.

Well .. thanks to Staedtler, you can type in a note, address it to a friend, stranger or even yourself, and they will post the handwritten note to you, complete with a free pencil. The promtional site is called Take Note, and is good for sending a hand written note to any address in Australia.

It’s a great way to sample their pencils because receiving a pencil with a short note creates a very positive experience.

Like so many great websites, some of the key non technical aspects of the campaign have been overlooked. As the sender, I wasn’t asked for my details (email or physical address), which I think is a missed opportunity for building a consumer database. As they are giving away a free service, they should have used the opportunity to include 1 or 2 consumer insight questions. The gallery of existing notes are difficult to navigate – I would have got someone to write some clever notes and sorted them into categories such as humour, friendship, love etc.
Checking the Staedtler website, I noticed that they do sell promotion products.

Get inspired by our tailor-made solutions with room for getting across intelligent advertising slogans – long-term!

So I think the promotion could have been adapted to market customised pencils that contain a special message .. perhaps with a min order qty of 100.

Nevertheless, the site is worth a visit!

via Adverblog