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So you’ve taken over a leading beer brand from the 50s, 60s and 70s which now has earnt the nickname “Nasty Gansett”.
How do you resurrect a brand when you don’t have a large bucket of cash to throw at the usual advertising channels?


Use Word of Mouth marketing of course !

Mr. Hellendrung shown in the picture above, bought the rights for the Narragansett brand from Pabst Brewing Co. in 2005. He then started to revie the famous brand and start to build some differentiations from the large national brands.
He has done this by creating a nostalgia connection to the brand, which has both attracted new consumers and restored the loyalty of those who remembered it. His first step was to hire the original brew master to restore the taste of the product to what it was.

Word of mouth is cheaper than conventional advertising, but takes more time. Mr. Hellendrung took his product to many bars and clubs and personally convincing the bar tenders and owners to taste the new brand. “We may not reach as many people, but we develop passionate relationships,” he says.

The results?
The beer was bringing in $100k in turnover when he bought the brand, and it is expected to do $5 million this year.

PErspective: This is a great example of the patience required to build a brand with Word of Mouth. Sure it does take a little more time than putting a large TV campaign together, but the rewards are enormous loyalty and steady growth that removes you from reliance on future tv campaigns.