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We have written many posts about the power of consumer generated media. Unsoliticed information by consumers who share their thoughts and opinions are powerful.

So it’s not surprising that sites designed to be a trading place for products and comments are spreading. Ebay, Amazon, Cnet are full of professional and consumer reviews of various products.

But when bloggers are payed to review products, the model is potentially at risk of producing unethical buzz. I believe this is the case with newly launched PayPerPost.
The current “Opportunities” listed on the site reveal a list of advertisers who are paying to have their advertising “blogged” for money.


Perspective: At Frontiering we are not paid to review or comment on sites. If we were, we would declare that interest. These ethics are important to ensure independant views and trust are maintained. Although PayPerPost doesn’t hide the fact that bloggers are paid for reviewing the opportunities, it’s doubtful all associated bloggers will reveal that fact, and hence their reputation will ultimately be affected. Far better to build and harness the natural buzz created by your brand / category zealots!