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If Podcasting (define), was one of the big things of 2005, Vodcasting or Vidcasting (define) is set to become huge in 2006.

Examples are already popping up at and search for video.
Apple have even posted instructions on how to make a video for your ipod.

Here’s a sample Vidcast of Apples new Vpod

I think there is enormous potential for Marketeers to provide niche content that can be viewed by interested consumers. The BMW films was a good example of what can be done, but I think Vidcasting will allow low budget productions to really take off.

1. Camping and 4 wheel driving videos advising other consumers about a certain location.
2. Cooking demos to provide some richer media to a recipe book.
3. Social networking such as Family video sharing, Dating.
4. Product demonstrations

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