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Consumer Generated content in the form of videos is growing exponentially, and whilst YouTube is the site you have most likely heard of, there are a number of other sites that have emerged offering various services to try and carve out a niche in the online video world.


One that really took my attention is Jumpcut. It offers editing features that allow a degree of remixing without the need to download a client tool. Adding text, mixing a different audio file to play with the video, and transition features will appeal to consumers who want to take existing videos and quite quickly and easily create their own mashup. Check it out by clicking “remix” on this video screen.

I predict that more and more marketeers will be start to use these tools to involve their consumers in creating branded entertainment such as the N-show in my previous post. Letting consumers have some of the control is far too daunting task for many brands, but consumers are already creating mashups of your brand, so not getting involved can be a far riskier strategy!

Dvguru has a pretty good review of the top ten video sharing services.

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