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PizzaHave you ever placed an ad in your careers section for brand ambassadors? If you did, do you think anyone would bother applying?
And, do you have the right incentives to attract and nurture these evangelists?

Google has done exactly that with their Google Pizza program.

PizzaBy targeting young software engineers (and potential employees) to represent them at university campuses. The Google Ambassodors then organise study breaks for their peers, and also enjoy free Google pizza, and other Google gear.

So, you don’t need a big advertising budget to create evangelists for your brand. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Access to exclusive brand premiums (branded gear)
Factory tours
Invites to special branded events
Involvement in future product designs
Incentives that the ambassodors can give to their friends

The investment is small, but the ongoing benefits are huge !
So .. what are you doing to recruit Ambassadors for you brand?

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