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Squidoo have posted some sample lenses to give a visual view of their pages. Seems to me Squidoo, has taken some of the concepts of social networking giant Myspaces and applied them to interests or tags. People trust other people increasing more than advertising, and Squidoo plays right into this trend, by making it easy for anyone to quickly and effectively create a lense on something they are passionate about. I think Consumer Qualified Searching definately has a place.

Another interesting company is Buzznex. They have setup a model that encourages peopel to share things that they are talking about, whether it be books, films, music, or fashion trends. The reports make for an interesting read.

It has reminded me of something i wrote a few years back, that went like this.

If your life was a page in the book of eternity, what would your page say?

So .. now more than ever, everyone can have their own page !