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Many of you would be familiar with Wikipedia, which is a reference based online encyclopedia. It is maintained through a principle that anyone can update any page. Wikipedia is “opinion neutral” which means it is focused on providing facts about topics.

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales also helped create a sister site to Wikipedia, called Wikia. Whilst the wiki software technology is the same, Wikia concerns itself with consumer collaborative communities that share opinions and views on almost anything.

There is a Wikia for Diabetes in Pets, Spiderman. TV hit shows such as 24 and Lost have their own Wikias as do topics like Psychology.

Since Wikia’s launch in November 2004, over 1,200 Wikia have been created and edited by over 30,000 registered users and are available in over 40 languages. Here’s the current list of Wikia.

The content can even be freely distributed as long as Wikia is referenced as the source. You could even produce a book and sell it commercially for your own profit, providing the book cover contains reference to Wikia.

Perspective: We were surprised how many communities are talking in Wikia. Companies should definately review this list and potentially join in the conversation on any wikia’s relating to your product or service offerings.