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I am currently sitting on a Singapore airlines flight from Singapore to Australia, logged into the Internet via wireless broadband.

I received a free 30 min login card just before I boarded which directed me to

The login card provided a user name and a password that you scratch off. 30 minutes is plenty of time to replicate your mail as the connection speed was fast. If you want to stay online longer, you can purchase time with your credit care, or if you have an account with one of these companies your access can be billed to your account.

Once online, the first thing I did was fire up my MSN messanger client to tell all my friends who happen to be online of this new cool function. I even rang Paul Matthews in the UK using Skype. Paul Matthews runs the Aztec business in the UK. The phone conversation was very clear with only a slight delay. I would take my headset next time. The Singaporian guy next to me is using MSN to chat to his daughter !

Not all of us want to be online all the time, but there are times when your travel plans get changed and it is nice to be able to get a message out about when you will be arriving, confirm accomodation or just keep in touch with loved ones. Here’s a description of how the technology from Connexion works.

The technology is so cool you just want to tell people about it. Linking the technology with Singapore Airlines is also possible. Utilising natural buzz to perform word of mouth marketing could be achieved by providing all the necessary links and information about the tool. And why not give the people who take up the free 30 minute offer some free tokens that they can send to their friends as an incentive to fly with Singapore Airlines. Finally, I would be getting customer feedback in return for say an extra 30 mins online so that Connexion or Singapore airlines can publish some real consumer feedback about this service.

That’s how word of mouth marketing works!

My 30 mins is up .. and it’s time for sleep !

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