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Proven again .. Word of Mouth carries the most influence!

Over 15,000 respondents answered detailed questions on the influence of various media in making a purchase and the results show more dissimilarities than similarities across demographic and ethnic groups. The issue of influence becomes even more complicated when a product category is added to the equation.

The Top 10 Influential Media

Overall Electronic Purchases
All Ages All Ages

1. Word of Mouth 1. Word of Mouth
2. TV 2. Read Article
3. Coupons 3. TV
4. Newspaper Inserts 4. Newspaper Inserts
5. Read Article 5. Magazines
6. Direct Mail 6. Internet
7. Magazines 7. In-store Promotion
8. In-store Promotion 8. Email Advertising
9. Cable TV 9. Cable TV
10. Internet Advertising 10. Newspaper

The age of respondents also impacts the influence media will have on purchase products. For example, for electronics purchases:

The Top 10 Influential Media for Electronic Purchases
18-24 Year Olds

1. Word of Mouth
2. TV
3. Magazine
4. Internet
5. Read Article
6. In-store Promotion
7. Cable TV
8. Coupons.
9 Email Advertising
10. Direct Mail

Source: BIGresearch, COLUMBUS, OH — (MARKET WIRE) — 12/20/2005