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Yourstreet, which will officially launch tomorrow has created something of value by plotting news and discussions from various major news sources, as well as providing the environment for discussion.


I organise a street party every year as a way to keep in touch with the neighbours, and it certainly helps create a sense of localised community.
I think this is where Yourstreet may be onto something. Afterall, who isn’t interested in a view of news of the street where you live or work.
How better to get a community group to voice opposition or support to planned developments.

There are other social networks that have emerged specifically targetting local communities such as Life At, which hosts software specifically aimed at Properties such as large inner city living, retirement villages etc.
Meet the Neighbours is also a service aimed at apartment dwellers.

Yourstreet’s contents are focused on US cities, such as New York, Chicago, but will no doubt expand driven by community involvement.

Perspective: I like Yourstreets content, allowing them to create something of a critical mass of information, which so often is a barrier for new startups. As anyone can add news, I can immediately see some opportunities for advertorials. For example, “123 XYZ street just sold for this much”, as a way to promote local real estate. Yourstreet does list the authority of various articles, which presumably could be used to prioritise content based on a reputation indicator. One also wonders why various local search offerings like Yellowpages are not providing localised news to complement their listing services.